“Taking photos and dancing is my happy place, and I love celebrating the yumminess in the everyday.”

— Adriana V. Oyarzun



Welcome and thanks for being here! My name is Adriana Valentina Oyarzun (AVO) and I love sharing my pasión of photography and dance with the world and building community.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, raised in Miami, Fl, moved a bunch and ended up in Oakland in 2005 where I got my degree in Photography at California College of the Arts. I feel in love with the people, vibe, and progressive chill ways of the Bay Area and I’ve been here ever since. Oakland has become my home.

Since arriving to Oakland and getting my BFA in Photography, I’ve been super duper lucky to find what makes me giggle and do random happy dances. I love that I get to connect with people to collaborate and celebrate their milestones or simply their everyday magic!

When I'm not collaborating with a client, you can catch me teaching a Zumba class or carpooling my chamas Mia and Nina.

Let’s chat and discover what’s your everyday magic!


“Adriana is a gifted and engaging photographer. As a mom and artist, Adriana creates a relaxing and joyful atmosphere, where even the shyest of children (and adults) can relax and even forget that there’s a camera in the room. Adriana’s warmth and energy are contagious. She captures your family’s day to day activities in the comfort of your own space as you document the smallest of interactions that tell your family’s story.”


“With an affable and engaging personality, Adriana captures moments that truly center your stories, and the magic that you create when you take the time to just play. A mother of two, a business woman and an avid dancer, Adriana’s warmth is contagious, creating a relaxing and joyful experience to capture a brief moment in your family’s story.”