Adriana Oyarzun Photography

capturing the magic in the everyday

Every family has a story to tell and is loaded with tons of magic. It’s story-time, morning snuggles, random giggles, afternoon dance parties, pancake (arepas for me) breakfast that make your memories unique….the list goes on and on. These are the things you’ll cherish and remember as your kids grow up. It would be such a treat to photograph your family and capture all your magic.


“I love making connections with people and finding their uniqueness, their Magic!”

— Adriana V. Oyarzun

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¡Hola! I’m Adriana


I’m a documentary family photographer based in the Bay Area, empowering people to feel comfortable in their own skin, celebrate the magic in the everyday, and have fun!

Mom to Mia & Nina, wife to gadget lover Ronald, zumba instructor to amazing students, and a total carb lover! 



“Her pictures look so natural, playful and happy. When we met up with her the experience was just that. Her outgoing and incredible warm personality made all of us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Adriana captured beautiful natural pictures of my daughters and myself. It was such a fun experience and we would recommend her to anyone that is looking to have some sweet memories captured.”

—Lena K.

“Adriana is not just an amazing photographer, she's great with people, especially our little one! From start to finish, scheduling and identifying sites and shooting plenty of great photos during our mini session, I really enjoyed working with Adriana. Timely, professional, affordable, and courteous  I highly recommend Adriana for family photos that are authentic, beautifully composed and of course reflective of our little family's personality. ”

—Cristy J.

everyday magic with @ayaoyarzun